New information leaflet

Our new MENZ DEN Collective information leaflet is now available in both printed and PDF format.  If you would like a copy, please advise us of your contact details and we will promptly forward by Auspost or Email to you.

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  1. Hi. Firstly, congratulations on implementing this worthwhile initiative and the recognition you have already received in such as short time. Kudos to you both.

    I appreciate that the “den” is relatively new and your website is still developing. However, I find it a does not provide a clear picture as to what the ‘den’ is all about. For example, is it only a discussion group or are there other activities involved. How often are the meetings held (I see this is one of the pages that is still under development)? Who is the target audience (only those in aged-care homes or can any mature-aged person join)? Perhaps an the inclusion of an FAQ section would be useful?

    Also, in regard to the information leaflet, instead of having to request one for posting or emailing, why don’t you also have the option of downloading it directly from this website? It would be much more immediate for those who are technologically inclined, plus be less of a burden on you both.

    I am possibly interested in this initiative but based one the website (unless I am missing the obvious) I do not know if I am eligible to be part of it.

    Apologies for this being a long message but I hope you take this feedback in the positive manner I intend.


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