A High Performer

Recently, one of our MENZ DEN group members facilitated the weekly group discussion topic and did an outstanding job.  Thank you Ian from the rest of your mates for your time spent in researching “The Power Of Positive Thinking and what this means to me” and your enjoyable presentation.

New Group Facilitators Wanted

With new interests from existing and new aged care facilities, we a seeking mature aged men to become MENZ DEN Facilitators at one of our groups.  If you are interested or know a man that would like to facilitate for a half day per week, please contact us for a copy of the Position Description and details of the rewards.  A complete training program is available and your are supported with a knowledgeable community.

Please contact Philip on 0431 828 942 for more information.

Where Are We At

The MENZ DEN Collective has been in existence since September 2017, and with the support of MannaCare staff and management the weekly events have evolved into a permanent activity on the Lower Templestowe Grevillea House agenda.  With 14 to 16 mature aged men coming together in a safe and private meeting environment, we have seen men show greater self-esteem, greater happiness and an improved connection with their family and friends.

We discuss and communicate with our “mates” around the meeting table each week on a wide range of subjects and diverse topics.  The collective is open to guest seekers with topics including My Role as a Volunteer Coordinator,  My Past Business Experiences, My Daughter Is a RAAF Pilot, etc.

The MENZ DEN Collective has expanded to include Newmans on the Park aged care facility in Templestowe.  A meeting of mature men who live in this facility now come together and enjoy new relationships and diverse discussion topics.

With the continued support of Victorian State Government MP’s, Local Council staff and the wider community our commitment to improving elderly lifestyles will flourish.

Please contact us for more details on our MENZ DEN programs by ringing Philip on 0431 828 942.

Our Journey Now Begins

This is our first MENZ DEN Collective site Blogg.

If you have just found us at MENZ DEN Collective on WordPress.Com, a special thank-you for discovering us!  We hope you will find this site of interest and please leave us a message or make an enquiry.

Cheers from The Age Of Change and the MENZ DEN Collective Team


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