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The MENZ DEN Collective concept started its first men’s only discussion group at MannaCare Inc. Doncaster, Victoria in early September 2017.   It was developed and facilitated by Philip Green with the assistance of the Grevillea House co-ordinator.

MENZ DEN Collectives have expanded and now operate in aged care facilities located in Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs with plans in place to spread our wings to include a collective in all Melbourne and regional Victorian age care facilities by the end of 2024.

Philip with the assistance and support of his eldest daughter have been able to forge a unique blend of topical group discussions, lifting ones self worth, enjoying life with smiles and laughter.

Would you like to join us on this exciting journey or like to know more on how we can help any community start a new MENZ DEN Collective in a location near you, please complete your details in our online contact page.


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